Gyno Examinations
Gyno Examinations

Trinity 2

Scene 1 - Ass Hole Tickle - Lying on her side Trinity pulls the thong out of her bum crack to show off her gorgeous bum hole. It's no ordinary view as we stuff your face right up her crack to ogle every little crease in her anus while she strokes it with her fingernail and then tickles it with a feather.

Breast Wishes - Trinity does a really sexy tease with her perfect creamy smooth shapely breasts. Would you like to examine the way a girl's breasts move when they're set free to bounce and jiggle triumphantly unimpeded by restraining devices such as the bra? You can see it all here and in slow motion no less. Every little jiggle becomes a great wallowing and wobbling mound of feminine flesh in slow motion as she wags her breasts from side to side. She even rests her breasts on the edge of the coffee table and slowly drags them off the edge. With the right viewing angle you get to see her breasts spring free and bounce into place as they clear the edge of the table both in regular speed and in slow motion.

Crawl to the Loo - We got her to crawl on hands and knees all the way to the washroom so you could follow close behind her and ogle her rolling ass curves in motion. She pees sitting on the toilet with your face between her thighs and then she sticks her ass in your face while she wipes her crotch.

Pussy Lips in Action - After a nice little ass tease over top of your face Trinity gets busy on the floor with some bizarre extreme finger masturbation and a purple ribbed rubber dildo. You'll love the way her creamy goo spews out and floods over her flexing bum hole.

Fiddling with her Pussy - We decided to get a few extra hands in there to fiddle with her vagina and open her up nice and wide for your viewing pleasure.

Rotary Motion - We stuck a dildo on the end of a drill and give her the full rotary experience gently at first then more deeply until she cums. If you like lots of sloppy vaginal noises turn up the volume because this scene ends with Trinity noisily farting lots of creamy goo out of her vagina several times over. (There's a minor defect in the audio in the first part of this video.)

Scene 2 - Table Top Strip - On the kitchen table Trinity teases you wearing a lacy black Brazilian cut thong that hugs her curves beautifully all through her shapely bum crack. When she pulls the thong aside we cram the camera lens as far up her bum crack as possible to gaze upon her heavenly bum hole at sniffing distance while she flexes it in and out for your viewing pleasure. While on her hands and knees we watch as she caresses her dangling breasts and pinches her nipples and jiggles them all about. Soon Trinity whips off her panties and gives them a good rub all through her crotch.

Inside Views - There's over 7 minutes of great gyno examinations speculum footage here and you spend most of it close up gazing deep inside her well lit vagina. The detail is so clear you can virtually count the ripples all the way down her vagina walls. You even watch her lower vagina wall squirm and bulge as she wiggles her finger around up inside her ass. Trinity squirts a whole syringe full of water up inside her gaping vagina and bucks her ass around a little to get the pond of water sloshing around in all corners of her vagina and then you watch it all spew out.

Bright Pussy - Trinity grabs a clear glass light bulb and buries it where the light don't, does shine!? Well no, we don't turn the light on. That would be dangerous. Regardless, the clear glass bulb does give us some unique and very interesting views of her medical fetish vagina opening up and sucking the bulb in. Think of it as the penis eye view gyno exam porn. Eventually she sinks it all the way in until all you can see is the end sticking out and she pushes it out using her vagina muscles. Finally Trinity poses as a human candle stick holder with a flaming candle stuck in both of her holes at the same time.

Gyno Examinations
Gyno Examinations


Scene 1 - Back to the Fuchsia - Tea's strip tease involves lots of up skirt views in her short fuchsia colored dress with purple panties on underneath. After a little while her panties come off and we get some more up skirt views with her pussy and ass bare naked to your eyes. There's a nice mix of tease with her dress pulling up and down over her ass cheeks and some nice ass spreading.

Scene 2 - Back Asswards - Tea gets fully naked and sits backwards on a chair with her gaping pussy and ass hanging right out over the edge of the chair. Of course we get right down under her ass to ogle her pretty bits as she squirms her tail in mid air. At the end of this clip we get right in close to inspect her anus while she flexes it in and out.

Scene 3 - Shot Between the Thighs - This extensive dildo masturbation scene has tons of excellent pussy and ass views in it and it only gets better and better as it goes. She starts out leaning back on the couch and then goes onto her side before finishing the majority of the medical fetish action with her ass hanging right off the edge of the couch.

Scene 4 - Tea Strainer - There's some very nice lighting in Tea's speculum gyno exam scene with good light going right down to her cervix even in the full body shots. Her vagina is super clean and tidy with perfect smooth pink walls and cervix and no stray pussy snot anywhere. We were actually tickling her feet during the extreme close up inside views so that her vagina would squeeze.

Gyno Examinations
Gyno Examinations

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